A Soldier's Cry

December 17, 2010
By Lay18 PLATINUM, Portsmouth, Virginia
Lay18 PLATINUM, Portsmouth, Virginia
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I don't have any superficial wounds to show for.
My condition is invisible to the eye.
But I hurt just the same
You'd never know by looking at me now,
but I used to be a marine.

So, Hurrah to my fellow soldiers in Iraq
who are serving their country with such great pride.
If it wasn't for my condition
I'd be right by their side
on the battle lines
Risking my life like the fool I am.

But I owe my life to my country
and to my best friend.
who foolishly died trying to rescue me
Despite my plea for him to open up his eyes
and see that I was unharmed.

Greg was name
and heroism was his game.
He was like the war version of Superman.
Greg used to dodge bullets left and right
But it just so happened that he couldn't dodge that one single bullet that ended his life.

After Greg died I didn't care anymore
I went on a crazy killing spree
If any Iraqain came within twenty feet of me
Be that civilain or soldier
I ended their life like that nameless bullet did my best friend's.

I was out for revenge
With blood in my eyes and hatred in my heart
I was like an out of control monster that couldn't be stopped.

My fellow soldiers referred to me as "the kiiling machine"
And I think that name suited me well.
For I had no conscience
And I didn't care if I went to heaven or hell.

But I did care whether I died or not
because I had a family back home
who had waited so patiently for my return

And when that day finally came
I packed my bags and practically ran on the plane.

After being home for only a week
I was ready to go back.
I was in America but my mind was in Iraq.
I couldn't sleep, eat, or think
On top of that I was expriencing massive headaches.

A moth later I was diagnosed with PTSD
And I never beem the same since
But life goes and so will I.
But a marine will always be a marine.

The author's comments:
Too many soldiers are coming home from Iraq with symptoms of Ptsd. Their having a difficult time transitioning back into everyday life. We need to help our soldiers. Something must be done!!!

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