When everything is gone

February 2, 2011
When you don't have enough,
You look for more.
When there is nothing in your arms,
You hold the closest thing to you.
When you have nothing to look up to,
You put your head down low and pray.
You pray that whatever it is that you find hope, happiness and someone that could make your heart beat,
Cause you defiantly don't want it to stop tonight.

When no one is around,
You make your own people.
When no one wants to answer their phone,
You talk to your self, hoping someone hears.
When your parents are mad and you can't leave,
You go to your room shut the door and mumble.
When there is no friends shoulder to cry on,
Your pillow and hands become the next best thing.
The next best thing becomes the worst and you don't know what to do.. Where to go, what to say, who to believe.
So you just run and hope, hope for peace.

When your friends lie and tell your secrets,
You look to be someone else some one different in the mirror,
When your outfit don't match and you wake up late,
You want to yell really loud and fall to the ground.
When you tell some one you like them and an "Ohh" is a reply,
You wish you wouldn't have said anything at all.
When you found a friend you wanna share every thing with and they are always on your mind and you know things won't be,
You move on and hope they become happy as well as your self. 

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