Unjust Insanity

February 1, 2011
I’m trapped, these white walls slowly killing me.
I’m officially labeled, known as a freak.
I’m alone with my wishes, just to live free.
I’m fighting people who say my right’s to be meek.

Truthfully I know they are really afraid,
of me with my hair in a short simple braid.
Truthfully I know I’ve done nothing wrong.
They thought I’d stand back and watch others fall.

While I am screaming internally, I will remain
as straight as a statue, holding my gaze.
While I am crumbling, I hope to remain,
in a few hearts out there, fighting through the pain.

They started the riot and broke a few bones,
so I brought people up, inspired their homes.
They told me I had no opinion, no voice.
They were basically saying I had no other choice.

But no matter what, I fought to believe,
not caring when they just refused to see.
No matter what, I fought to persuade,
I wouldn’t grieve, not yet, over what could still be made.

So they saw I would remain strong,
and locked me up somewhere I “belonged.”
So they think this will change me, they think things through threats,
but nothing will erase me, not here, not yet.

In this nation, all men are supposedly equal,
even those who will blame.
In this nation, I’m locked in a prequel,
of all that remains.

How is this different?
How is this right?
I just voiced an opinion.
I just gave my sight.

Now I sit all alone,
refusing to give in;
to this lie they have built,
to this lie we live in.

I may break, I may fall,
I may cry through it all;
but don’t expect it soon, don’t expect it for long.
Because I am known to remain and stay very strong.

I will fight for the rights,
to my thoughts and my lights.

I will never forget the pain you have caused,
how I barely escaped through your narrow jaws.

I will spread on the warnings, while living off love,
of how lust and power can turn terribly wrong.

And I will forgive this wild humanity
that has caused my unjust insanity.

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ing.jak97 said...
Feb. 12, 2011 at 7:04 pm
This poem is beautiful. I mean really, it's amazing. I love it.
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