Time to go

February 1, 2011
By Emily Jones BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
Emily Jones BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
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I was running, moving like a jelly fish in a tsunami. I couldn’t tell you where I was headed or where I planned to go. I was swept through the air with no control. The significance of it, feeling the future unfold within every second, made me want to know if I was running to something or from something. I had a life behind, something cherished but easily slipped away. The life ahead of me wasn’t anything to agonize about. I felt it coming, my senses plummeting towards depths unknown told me something was coming. As I ran, I saw a life fading away behind me, like a school of fish to a scuba diver. The fish expanded and fell apart as I was near, but as my presences disappeared, they came together once more, united as one. I let those fish treasure there lives together under the tender sun reflecting such goodness of life that truly existed. I was still running, never to feel ache in my ankles or a sore muscle. I saw faces fly by, of ones I held dear, ones I disappointed, and ones I never got the chance to apologize to. Until I finally looked forward, which I hadn’t done in a long time, I never noticed a gleaming and essential light ahead of me, pulling me in. The light showed me it was time to depart from this world, letting me know a time to venture out of a place, to let it fall behind as life, was near and I had to let my running from death to come to a gentle and deliberate halt.

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