Autumn Rain This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

February 1, 2011
A cool breeze whispers
Voice warm but for a hint of the coming chill
Clinging to it, the scent of rain
Cleansing the air of summer’s dreadful fever
Translucent crystals of water
Plunge through the trees
Shattering with a faint cry
On the leaves of gold, of ruby, of auburn
Strewn across the forest floor
Some still clinging to the limbs of their guardians
The trees that moan in the wind
Soon to drift to the ground in respite
Amongst their resting brethren
The chattering of squirrels and twittering of birds
Dwindle in the approaching turn of season
And in their wake, tranquil silence
Keeper of serenity
Reigns the dormant woodland
Ensuring peace in Nature’s lands
In the days yet to be
And still Nature’s lullaby
Hums softly in the fading light
The lone sound in the forest
The mantra of the autumn rain

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