Evening at the Beach

January 28, 2011
By EmilyKathryn SILVER, Mercersburg, Pennsylvania
EmilyKathryn SILVER, Mercersburg, Pennsylvania
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Cool, comfortable wind
Blows my hair in front of my face
As I race towards the blue water
Stretching out as far as one can see
Reflecting the vibrant, cozy colors of the sunset

When my feet hit the warm water
I smile, and keep running
Until a barrage of waves knocks me down
I laugh and splash
Until the sun fades
And it’s time for supper

When I come inside, I am greeted by
A flood of laughter
And exquisite smells
We feast
On crabs, scallops, shrimp, fish
Anything and everything from the sea

After dinner
When the dishes are done
And the table is clear
Some adults sit outside
On the old, rotting deck
Laughing and drinking
While a few others
Sit in the relaxing, dim
Living room
And indulge in soft, sweet music

Ethan and Tim play guitar
While Greta and Natalie sing
Their melodious voices
Enchanting me
As I watch and listen on the carpeted floor

The evening stretches on like this
Peaceful, rapturous, pleasant
Gradually people dwindle
Going off to their quiet rooms to relax
Eventually drifting off
And dreaming delightful, sand-filled dreams

But I stay
Along with just a few select others
And listen
Even as the musicians themselves depart
I listen to the ocean
Boisterous and loud
Yet hushed and low
At the same time

This is the sound of a promise
A promise of a miraculous, amazing week
Of sun, sand, and relaxation.

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