Missing You

January 27, 2011
By , Media, PA
The rainbow shines,
over the sky.
While people are drinking wine,
just showing that last goodbye.

The airplanes going to go,
he's trying not to cry.
His friends will miss his fellow,
He said his last goodbye.

His friends smiled on the outside,
as he goes.
While crying on the inside,
hoping he won't froze.

Where he's goes,
may be far.
We'll stay close,
no matter where you are.

Just so you know,
friendships are never to be apart.
When you come home,
there will be a new start.

Nothing will change,
when you come back.
Do not think we are strange,
just from a hug attack.

We all miss you a lot,
I hope you are happy.
Hoping you haven't forgot,
about me.

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