Just give back.

February 1, 2011
To some it seems very clear
That right here Christmas is filled with cheer
Presents given to everyone around
All the joy of Christmas seems to be found
But deep in your mind
It’s not hard to find
The small part of your brain
That reminds you of the hidden pain
That dwells in all the soldiers that are away from home
Or those lonely homeless people that just seem to roam
All around the earth
Thinking they have no worth
But we know they’re wrong
So we help them become strong
By giving a little piece of what we own
Because they showed us something, that seems unknown
What is unknown is that we have so much
We have a home furnished with decorations and such
And here we find ourselves giving and giving
Because we finally realize it doesn’t lower our standard of living
Now we see what Christmas really means
It’s not about giving someone a good pair of jeans
It’s about showing love to the people in need
And always making sure you did a good deed
So always show love
To the one God above
Because he’s given all these things to you
So make sure you give him back a few.

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