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Inconsequential Potential

February 1, 2011
By beautiful.disaster77 GOLD, Cave Creek, Arizona
beautiful.disaster77 GOLD, Cave Creek, Arizona
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We had so much potential,
made me feel so special,
but you treated me inconsequential,
no remorse for breaking my heart,
better off alone than torn apart,

Did you have fun?
pillaging and burning me inside,
left alone like a sky with out a sun,
no where left to hide,

To you hurting me is no infraction,
it set off a chain reaction,
turning my world upside down,
standing there to watch me drown,

I sit in this institution,
begging for restitution,
I lay awake, memories taunting,
no escape from this endless haunting,
These people crowd around me,
Poking and prodding trying to see,
The redoubtable heart,
that survived being ripped apart,

Just one half lays at my feet,
one half resides in you, giving into your deceit,
starting to wonder,
why you continue to plunder,

I hope you enjoyed the show,
don't pretend that I don't know,
you played it so well, your part,
forgetting that you're no stalwart,

I didn't realize it was pretend,
until the script read, the end,
my mind screams forget this,
but the memories are forever endless,
as I am submerged into eternal loneliness.

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