February 1, 2011
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The walls caving in on her,
She’s unable to see her surrounding anymore.
Clouded by misfortune,
It suffocates her with echoing grasps,
That leaves their mark as warning to others;
Stay back, beware.
What only seems like a flash,
Turns to be an eternity of self hate.
She struggles with the withering hands that seal her fate.
One wrong move could send it all to doom.
But, with every drip sweat that’s seeps down my skin,
With every tug, pull, and struggle, pulls me in closer to my awaiting fate.
Not one of death,
Not one of destruction.
One of fulfillment and strength.
Don’t ever turn back,
Don’t be scared of the weathering hands.
Challenge them.
Conquer them,
And then you’ll know at last;
That I am what I want to be;
Strength. Power. Encouragement.
But above all a survivor.

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