February 1, 2011
By Anonymous

Oh Lord, what have you done?
Look at your creation and see what it has become.
There in the mirror, do you see it crying?
In there lies a monster so horribly grotesque.

Trapped in the past, but ignorant of the present.
Surrounded by regret and walking in circles,
Blinded to the window of opportunity,
All she sees, hears, and thinks about are those four words-what could have been.

Self-conscious, she is, as well as obsessed,
Is she an hourglass? A pear?
Are her eyebrows too unappealing, do they not perfectly frame her eyes?
Are her legs too short and stocky that jiggle with every step she takes?
Is her head to big? Is her nose too flat?
Degrading the appearances of others to let her repulsive image transform into that of an angel's.

She knows all of the wrong she is doing yet...
She is still walking around in circles,
Still blinded to the window of opportunity,
Still self-conscious,
Still thinking of what could have been.

Oh Lord, it is sad to see the monster in the mirror crying,
Because that monster in the mirror is me.

The author's comments:
This poem shows how regretful and self-conscious people can be, and how I sometimes think of myself and all of the mistakes that I have done.

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