My Shadow

February 1, 2011
By , Phx, AZ
My Shadow is the me
Who wants me to be
All that I am

The One who wants to climb a tree barefoot
To the tippy-top
And not be judged

Who wants to scream aloud
And not be shunned

Who wants to be the one
To stand up
For myself
And others
Without fear

The One who’s never tempted
To cuss
Or cheat
Or lie

Who’s is excepted and loved

And respect trusted

My Shadow’s the one
Who stands tall and strong
When Adversity
Rears his ugly head

The on who watches
And learns without effort

The One with all the right answers
And the carefree
Wild spirit

The One who’s got it all together
The One others look to,
Lean on

My Shadow is
The me
I want to be

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