You're with her and I'm Alone

February 1, 2011
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Seeing you with her breaks my heart,
it tears me apart.
Seeing you with her is pain unending.
There are always going to be messages I think about sending,
I want to repair our lost relationship.

I want to heal,
it was so surreal
that we ever were together,
I wish I could feel
something now.

I wish I didn't have to endure
seeing you two together,
I wish I could be sure
of the reasons we are not.
You only had one shot,
but you chose her instead.

Instead of me,
who you no longer see.
My darling,
I still live with the memories.
You may be able to forget
but one day you'll regret
the day you broke my heart.

I thought I knew you,
I thought we were meant to be
I hope these feelings will soon subdue
but I know my feelings won't pass through,
until again I talk to you.

If you want to be without me,
it's your loss,
you'll see.
You'll come running back to me one day,
but I'll be long gone, far far away.

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