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What Would Save You?

January 27, 2011
By volleybelle SILVER, St Louis, Missouri
volleybelle SILVER, St Louis, Missouri
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What idea would save your life?
What dream is so strong it
is the only thing anchoring you to the living world?
For one man,
his sad story has a hope,
a dream.

When they were young
and in love,
they had a dream.
A shared hope,
an idea.
One common purpose
brought them together.
They fell deeper in love,
the dream solidified
into an aspiration.

Then she was diagnosed,
they kept the dream
close to their hearts.
When she faded before his eyes,
he clung to the dream.
The dream lived in that sterile hospital room
under the harsh fluorescent lights
as the life slowly ebbed away from her.
She bestowed on him one last gift,
a burning passion for this dream.
Then, she was utterly gone,
the dream flickered,
almost faded,
was almost buried with her
beneath the ground.
He wasn’t ready to say goodbye, so
he faded,
almost into nothing.
His heart stopped, and so did his will to live.
Then, sitting in a lonely room with no companion but his thoughts,
he saw the dream,
a living part of her.
The dream flared up
brighter than before.
His need to be with her again was diminished,
his need to honor her wishes was heightened.
For a year, he had nothing,
nothing but this dream
it healed him from his sorrows,
motivated him to move on.
One day,
he sprung on his dream,
their dream.

The idea that had grown, and festered in their minds,
had finally lept to life.
It came not only from him
alive, but her,
once more living.
Standing at his shoulder when he signed the papers,
helping him make the pizza.
Invisible to all,
but he knows she’s there.
Sometimes he hears her tinkling laugh,
or feels her warm embrace.
The dead once more living,
hope is truly a miracle worker.

The author's comments:
This was inspired after I met a man whose wife died, and all he had to cope was this dream he had.

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