Teacher's Gone

January 27, 2011
By PuppyKaufman SILVER, Winthrop, Maine
PuppyKaufman SILVER, Winthrop, Maine
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two wrongs dont make a right

The teacher’s teaching at the board
The phone rings almost hitting the floor.
Something’s happens,
She hurries away.

The door closes
Chaos reigns.
Children run,scream, shout.
Little Tommy with headache begins to pout.
Spitballs fly,
And paper grenades.
In comes the sub.
Try to save the day.
Big mistake.

Nothing he can do
He holds no sway.
He yells and hollers,
Cries and begs
They do not listen,
They go on with their games.
He screams and shouts,
Hollers and pouts.
He’s had enough
He screams and shouts,
I’m gonna get the principal out!
The children stop,
The children freeze.
Then all begin to fall to their knees.
No sir! Don’t sir! The principal’s mean!
I don’t want him to cook my spleen!
The children begin to cry and plead.
Ok then all of you back to your seats.
They all sit down at their seats,
Then the teacher begins to teach.

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