Tell me, why?

February 3, 2011
By sierranevada SILVER, Park City, Utah
sierranevada SILVER, Park City, Utah
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I walk in
See alien faces
They don’t see me
Don’t care about me
Say jokes behind my back
Don’t know that I guess
Or do you?


They don’t know
It hurts inside
I don’t let them know
Should I?

They would only laugh more
Or would they?
Don’t want to test them
Afraid of what I might find

Why must I put my needs
Below a stranger’s?
Why do they own me?

I see the colors of autumn
The mists of pre-winter
The sparkle of cold diamonds
Flickering in the sky
I feel warm summer's heat
Wet colors of rain
Blue of the sky
Do you see the same?
Do you see the same moon?
Do you see the changing of colors,
The coming of leaves?
The sound of bird calls,
The crunch of ice,
The falling of snow?
I don’t think so

There’s no top
They think
Without a bottom
Mudsill knew it
Why don’t you?
They're always watching
Like judges

The summit's larger
Than you think it to be
I get to the top
Only to see
You've found another
'Just got there'
They scoff
'We've found another
We're adult, don't you see?
Look at me!
I did it
I'm like all the others!
I won!'

I sigh
They're all wrong
They're adult
They're ideal
In all but where it matters
The heart
In their material shells
Their prison cells
Silver bells
Cockle shells
All maids in a row

'Look at me'
They're frantic
'You see me?
I'm better than you!'
They don't ask
I do.
Do you collect all the tears
Burning cheeks
Ugly rumors
Count them up
Like a banker?

Do you praise your success
While others cry to sleep
'I'm not alone'
You say
I have a crowd
They dress like me
Talk like me
Look like me
All but the glimmer of fear and relief
In their eyes
This is how they survive?
I can't blame them.

What do you gain?
Why do you do this?
Tell me, why?

The author's comments:
Just a simple question.

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