January 27, 2011
I must confess, I am far from fine.
I thought it would be easy,
Calling you mine.
Bumps in the road seem like mountains, but still,
if you choose to love me, you know I also will.

Promises made, promises not kept,
The girl in corner sat and wept.
For the longest time, she gave up hope,
Until you showed up, eager to dote.

She knows you want her, and she wants you,
But the world conspires against you two.
Every time you call her pretty, she takes it heart,
And she always believed you, right from the start.

But to her, it all feels like lies,
The girl in the corner who sits there and cries.
But in a week’s time, maybe more, maybe less,
You’ll say hello again to the girl in the dress.

And with ounces of passion in every breath,
She’ll be hanging upon every word that is said.

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