January 26, 2011
He crawled to the sound of music
He followed it into the hall
He let it take him for a ride
He followed it as it called
To him the music whispered
It began to raise its voice
The music grew louder
Then the music yelled through his soul
Come with me! Come now child!
He crept slowly, nervous
Soon he was trusting, he wondered
The music’s arms grasped him
She picked him up and carried him
Slowly they approached the door
Slowly he approached the floor
She set him down, she spoke
He was in a spell, he was in a trance
He was in heaven, he was in hell
He was in a pit, he was losing it
He liked into her eyes, and he froze
Like Medusa’s victims, he was still as ice
He was stripped of vanity, stripped of vice
She whispered again, her voice rose again
She screamed again, and she screamed again
He was free, defrosted, and he was alone
He was wise now, he wrote of the adventure
He sang of the expedition and he was possessed
He was hers forever, and she possessed and caressed
She possessed him and he Loved her

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