January 26, 2011
By ScRiPt BRONZE, Whittier, California
ScRiPt BRONZE, Whittier, California
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Death is a strong young man scarred inside and out
Dark short hair and skin like a dead dry leaf
Each iris has their own color and they change depending on his feelings
The pupils are more than bizarre, they are never equally dilated
He does not like it when people stare, but it is so hard not to
As he approaches you feel the cold breeze slap you across the face
The sudden change from hot to cold gives you chills, and
Forces the hair on the back of your neck to stand up
You can escape death once or twice, and he becomes a furious a third time
He likes playing games, and loves a good challenge
He plays with the easy ones like a cat playing with a blind mouse
He knows your deepest fears, and knows all secrets
It is his advantage; you must use your knowledge when you play his game
Even death has one fear; he is scared of no one fearing him
If you dare to be bold, he will attack with nightmares
Of loved ones dying and being tortured in hell
If you fall in love with him he will use you and make you his slave
If u pass all challenges he grants you one wish;
A happy ending without him in the end

The author's comments:
i hope you see that death is what you make it. it shouldnt be something we fear but something we except it.

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