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I Dream too Big

January 26, 2011
By NicoleSE BRONZE, Chico, California
NicoleSE BRONZE, Chico, California
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I keep my Bucket List, next to my Geometry notes,
Because I dream too big for my own damn good.
I am too young to think this way,
Too young to feel this stuck.

I am too young.

I see a world others my age seem to be blind too.
Sometimes, I wish I was blind too.
I like where I am, this place is just fine.

But I see people so worldly, they live vivid and bright.
They tell you of travels, things they’ve learned.
It plays like a picture each place, each turn.

But there is a difference in seeing than being.

I keep my secret dreams in a drawer in my desk.
Because I dream too much for my own damn good.
Go be a lawyer, a doctor, a teacher

Anything but a dreamer.

Because where would dreaming get you
Well it could
Take you right where you should be
Or you could be forever stuck, just dreaming.

I dream too big for my own damn good.

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