Unidentified destination

January 26, 2011
Im running down a long stretch of land
Searching for something, in the distance or even across the way
Running, jumping, dodging the obstacles that I refuse to let get in my way
Running from the good, running from the bad
Nothing can stop me from getting to my final destination
it is unknown to the mind of an adolescent and adults of many kinds
but me....I know the time, place, feeling that  involve my unidentified destination
Suddenly something strikes me in the face, and knocks me to the ground
it is what I couldnt see, the striking force that you brought me down with
its not your style, look, fame, glory, riches, glamor, reputation
it's your personality, soul, the way you love the earth, and the way you always find a way to make me laugh
The stretch of land is now crumbling beneath my feet
The only thing left standing is the power of our love, shining brighter then the sun Because in this place they call eternity, that is all I will ever need

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