The Big Game

January 26, 2011
By Ian Miller BRONZE, La Mesa, California
Ian Miller BRONZE, La Mesa, California
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Shooting around getting ready for the big game
All of the students are loud and rambunctious
The referee blows his whistle and tosses the ball above everybody’s head
Two players jump up, arms extended as high as possible
Tipping the ball back to a teammate
Scrambling and scratching for the ball, the home team comes away with it
Half time comes and the home team is down by one
The start of the third quarter
The coach’s head is bursting, steaming, he’s infuriated
The team cannot seem to get a lead all quarter
Fourth quarter comes, five seconds left, down by two
Ryan dribbles the ball, once, twice, thrice, and drives to the basket
Head down, full steam ahead, nothing is getting in his way
The tallest man on the court, the center
The ball leaves Ryan’s hands, the center jumps up
Everybody’s heart stops, eyes open as wide as they can
Mouths dropping in awe when they hear a whistle and see the ball drop in simultaneously
Ryan is on the free throw line; the game is tied with one seconds left
The player’s arms interlocked on the bench
Ryan’s spins the ball, wipes his hands, takes a deep breath, and lets the ball go
All eyes are on the ball as it travels aimlessly through the air
Suddenly, drinks are flying, fans are shouting at the top of their lungs
And Ryan is at the bottom of the most memorable dog pile of his life

The author's comments:
This piece is inspired by my love for sports and my overall love for the game of basketball.

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