Black Out

January 26, 2011
By LexieWhite SILVER, Canton, Georgia
LexieWhite SILVER, Canton, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
"This too shall pass."

Am I going blind or did the ligh just dim?
I swear I lost my hsine and there it goes again
Black out, fall out
Can't control my own feel
Messed up on my knees
tryin to find a place to take a seat
treddin on thin water
man, what's that even me?
Cause if I trip and fall
I'm gonne fall deep.
Then I sink,
Then I sink
to the bottom of the sea.
Lost all my glory
I'm workin to keep my head above the water cause the waters got me.
Lifegaurd's not on duty
so it's sink or it's swin
So no I'm swimmin in these cities
just lookin for a plan
'keep me from drowning
Cause I already hit rock bottom once,
not 'bout to hit it twice.
God has got me testin
better check my answers twice
if there was an answer key to life I could look at, it'd sure be nice.
I can't even act like I didn't get the warning
I quite gettin the reminder,
but I learned my lesson that morning.
My visions weren't black or white;
just grey, til I was bending over the toliet ,
then it became pretty clear that day.
I wasn't havin the time of my life,
by the I'd lost the time of day.
Safe to say there's nothing left to explain.
Life doesn't come with a tag,
but now I got a price to pag
Workin 9 to 5 at the drive thru
and everone know that's not enough to get through.
I have dreams of success
but even winners have their falls
If it's a game that we're playing then its "Win, Lose, or Draw".
I'm buildin up my future,
I'm buildin up my name
They told me "some spend their whole like buildin, but will never will finish their tower"
so when I built, I poured my foundations thick to give me the most power.
My blueprints are skyscrapers
looking down may scare ya
so tie your ropes tight
cause we're about to start the labor
I don't ask for fame
I just ask that you hear me.
This world's spinning quick
and I'm just tryin to maintain speed.
cameras will be flashin
tapes are alway rollin
they'll alway be looking for somethin;
anything to control your soul with.
It's a dangerous world out there,
so take your time to pray in here.
Be sure you know what it's all about,
or you might just blackout.

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