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Lost in the Maze of Destiny

January 26, 2011
By BlackPhonix SILVER, Augusta, Georgia
BlackPhonix SILVER, Augusta, Georgia
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Lost in the maze of destiny
so far, I ran into bad luck
I got tons of people to hate me
By now, am used to it
Doom is always around the corner
seems like its looking for me
Its rare that I'll run into good luck
Its always running away from me

Lost in the maze of destiny
Losing hope
Tyring to get people to help me
waste of hope
People are like gas
tyring to get more room-away from me
Its extremely rare that some will come to me
Be by my side
Be kind to me
See me lost in my troubles
They are no longer gas-They are rays of light

Guided in the maze of destiny
the lights i follow are getting bright
always day never night
but it seems that I had wander away from them
and bad luck had kidnapped me
once again lost in the maze of destiny
With my once bright friends

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