Sestina - Kiss Of Death

January 26, 2011
By Trinity_Dark BRONZE, Conway, Massachusetts
Trinity_Dark BRONZE, Conway, Massachusetts
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His soul, forsaken
Dangerous like a stolen kiss
He wandered the night
Pursuing young victims
To whom he would bestow death
Rupturing their future dreams and condemning their souls.

They turned into demons at the loss of their souls
Hearts and minds forsaken
Their blissful lives converted to a life of death
Eternally damned by a penetrating kiss
They stalk the earth, in search of victims
To be stolen by night.

The leader worships the night
Not minding his lack of a soul
He recalls his first victim
Remembers no feelings, heart forsaken
When he bent in for the damning kiss
Piercing the flesh, awakening an early death.

He recollects her face, exquisite even in death
Her ashen skin, glistening in the dark of the night
The mark on her neck from the sacred kiss
The fluttering of her heart no longer able to force the beats, as her soul
Slips away, breath stops, heart grows silent, forsaken
As she's wrenched into his life, no longer a victim.

She's awaken to a hunger to hunt her own victims
Such a compassionate woman forced to cause death
Unlike others she remembers her life before she was forsaken
Remembers how she wished to be gifted to live an eternal night
When she died, she could feel her soul
Being ripped from her chest, but she never gave in to the power of the kiss.

She was a unique one, altering the power of the kiss
To avoid slaughtering her victims
Or stealing their souls
She escaped the demon in her that brought others to death
Her inimitability captured the heart of the leader, brought light to his dark nights
As she led him to rupture his deadly fate, the fate of all forsaken.

Together they fought to revive the souls of the other forsaken
Save them from the slaughtering of innocent victims, teach them to savor the dark of the night
And avoid the temptations to lose oneself to the kiss of death.

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