January 9, 2011
Options, Options
Where ever I look
Aspiration's, dream's
I need them to come forth
So much time it take's to ponder
So little time I feel like I have
The clock is ticking away
The day's go by everlastingly
We are stuck in perpetual forward motion
That is why we often feel the "need",
Or the "want", to look back

But this is the time
Where I stand up and chose for myself
What path, what direction
I will go
And so be it,
That if I don't fit the requirements
For the expected salary
Or the expected person
I will live on
Because I live not only to please others
But to please myself

Something's in life, require bravery
Bravery is respected because,
There are often risks taken
You can not hide the truth from me
You can not protect,
What wishes not to be protected
There are obstacles put in our way
To make us prove our solitary character
And I am and always have been an artist

It is frightening to know,
We artists do not make the cash you do
It is frightening to know,
Many people do not respect us
But for those who fight everyday
In this world, to prove something
ANYTHING, to anyone...
They should be rewarded

No matter the face or the name
No matter if they died for the cause
Or lived for the cause
No matter if they spent a day
Or a week, or a year
Or a lifetime...........
They tried
And that is what is important

We praise those who succeed
But we fail those who make no effort
I have been trying since I can remember
To be find who I am
This vision of creation,
It creates the illusion of me

Everyone has doubt
Everyone has fear
Everyone has expectation's
And lately I feel like....
I'm failing my own expectations

What make's a piece of art so brilliant,
If everyone's view of "brilliance" differs?
What make's their art better then mine,
Or mine better then theirs?
No matter lyric or stanza
Or painting or sculpture
Or logo or photograph
Or dance or act
Art is art, and it is beautiful
In it's own way

My art is not all loving and warm
My art will never be all pain or gore
My art is the truth, my art is my life
My work is like the rain droplet's
That make up the storm
Or the tear's that make a person stronger
It take's time to improve,
It take's time to learn,
But I'm eager, why can't you see I am eager?

A bird must fall
To learn to fly
A child must socialize
In order to be friendly
A kitten must hunt
To gain it's skills
We learn by experience
We learn by repetition
We learn by making choices
And I am ready to make that choice.

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