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Sunset's Lullaby

January 9, 2011
By Kendel Elizabeth BRONZE, Stamford, Vermont
Kendel Elizabeth BRONZE, Stamford, Vermont
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I sit and watch blue fade to pink.
Pink to orange.
Orange to purple.
Purple to Midnight Blue.
It’s a calming feeling, seeing the world lay down to rest.
the color’s changing creates a whirlwind.
in my mind i hear the purrrr.
my own eyes flutter, threatening to close.
But nature has to try harder to lull me.
rain begins to fall, big drops making me shiver.
my soul has been needing a shower anyway.
the cool water soaks me to the bone.
the sound of angels crying;
beautiful, and heartbreakingly so.
again, my body attempts sleep.
Insomnia steps in.
I Won’t be asleep for a while. instead i sit and listen to
The Sunset’s Lullaby.

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