My Greatest Risk

January 9, 2011
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Everything I ever wanted,
Seemed so
As I stumbled up the ridge,
With a single thought,
Like a floating cloud
in my head.
How would it end?
This was a daring attempt,
For I was
But of
I wondered.

Notions of curiosity powered me,
Fear drove me back.
The attempt of something
That was what I
At the time.

I wanted to
stride up,
But I needed a
From a friend.
What I needed was

courage and support.
I thought of

all the possibilities,
Of what could be seen,
At the crest
of the mountain.
Purely spectacular,
The view must be.

I had reached the peak,
Yet, only with my eyes shut.
Completely closed,
Like a locked gate.
To open them
Required my courage,
For I did not
Dare to look down.
That choice was mine,
And mine alone.
Some choices
Take a long time
To be made,
No matter
It is perceived.
They are
my decisions,
my beliefs.

Wind is felt,
As morning breeze brushed

past my cheeks.
I breathed in
Was I simply
Without movement,
I stood there
In peace.
I knew what I was afraid of
From the very beginning,
It was the uncertainty
Of the risk
I am about to take.
I must
Contain all fears
Ignore all uncertainties.

I had opened my eyes,
And took in the
scenic view,
Of the
My eyes
The distant horizon,
Only to see
higher ridges.
To my awareness,
There are always
Greater risks in life.

The forests below were oceans,
Which stretched endlessly
across this highland.
The sky above was glass,
Clear and still,
With a silvery tint,
Extended far past
the horizon,
to the end of the world.
Everything was gorgeous,
The landscape possessed beauty
beyond words,
It can only be thought of
As magnificent.

I glanced down,
Only to realize,
The cliff below
Was not as high
as I previously believed.
From this experience,
I learnt that there would always be
Greater hardships,
And fear
Can sometimes
be conquered
By courage and curiosity.

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