What I don't need...

January 16, 2011
I saw you today
you said you want me back
you said you made a mistake
that I should cut you some slack

Oh, my boy,
you don't have a clue
how I have gotten back on my feet
and I don't need you

I don't need your whining
about the things you won't talk about
I don't need your moaning
when all you do is pout

I don't need your self-pity
that would kill my day
I don't need your issues
that you never solve anyway

I don't need a person
who is lost and doesn't want to be found
who can't tell the sky is the limit
because you always stare at the ground
I don't need to baby-sit
your emotions on cue
I don't need your unhappiness
and I don't need you

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