What Is Normal?

January 14, 2011
What is normal?

Is it being the geek that does all there work And comes home, feeling like dirt? The one that feels left out, And doesn't have many friends without a doubt? The one who's expected to do everything they're told and has weight on their shoulders that they just cant hold? Well maybe they just wanna be bold and stand up to the one's who are cold.

What is normal?

Is it being popular? The one's who are praised for doing absolutely nothing? The one who has the attitude of a monster under your bed, But is a kid like you in their head. The one who everyone calls a fake and hopes to hit everyone with a rake? Are they always looking great and the ones everyone wants to date? Maybe they don't know why they're in the cique that they're in, At the end of the day, they could possibly feel paper thin.

What is normal?
Is it being goth or emo?
The ones who love heavy metal and black rose petal's? The kid's who might have a different sexuality than others and cries so their mascara smothers? The one's who cut themselves due to depression and then it turns into an obsession? Maybe they'll stand up an rebel to the people who give them hell.

Normal is Not normal.?

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TearsToFall said...
Feb. 11, 2011 at 11:33 am
Wow that was amazing i love your sense of rhythmic in the poem, you deserve a chance to be a poet with someone like your talent, you could be known throughout the world 
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