Love Poem

January 24, 2011
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At some point
You’ll write a love poem
And realize it’s the best thing ever written.
Each line charged with such emotion,
Each simile a stroke of brilliance,
Your oxymorons so clever,
You imagery evocative
And not understand how others can’t recognize
A classic when they see one.

Then, one day
you’ll find your poem crumpled
in the back of your drawer somewhere
and wonder what you possibly could have thought
was so special.
It’s so cliché, passé, pointless
At some point
everyone writes love poems.

That’s the deal with poetry
There’s no such thing as originality
Whatever you write, someone has written before
with different words

But poems aren’t supposed to be unique
They weren’t meant to be classics
They are letters written to the rest of the world
to each and every person
who has ever made a promise they could not keep
who has who has ever prayed- perhaps without trying to -
who has ever met a person who was
because you know, and so do they
At some point
everyone writes love poems.

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