January 24, 2011
By Ssstupidds BRONZE, Novato, California
Ssstupidds BRONZE, Novato, California
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Sometimes we ignore the positives until they become negatives,
Like crying for the dead but not giving a f*** while s/he lives,

Sometimes your actions are a lot quieter than you think,
Like washing the dishes yet no one saw you near the sink,

Sometimes you do things knowing the whole time that it's wrong,
Like falling for someone although you have feared it all along,

Sometimes we care more about what people think over what we know,
Like knowing your a virgin, yet cry because to the world your a hoe,

Sometimes things are a lot more important than it seems,
Like a drunk with a bunch of unfollowed childhood Dreams,

Sometimes jealousy is doubled in reverse with the person you envy,
Like a parent feeling suffocated, when a bachelor is feeling empty,

Sometimes you loose what you need for something you wanted,
Like loosing a friendship over money that leaves you haunted,

Sometimes your loved ones are harder then you thought to reach,
Like learning something new at school yet there's no one to teach,

Most of time you love a lot less then you thought,
Your everything becomes something that you forgot,

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