A Deeper Look

January 25, 2011
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When you see the book
It is closed
You will judge it
And walk away
Or take a deeper look
It is purple on the outside
Bound with orange ribbon
And golden edged pages
Bright and collected
Too much color
May scare you away
But if you look on the inside
You will see crinkled pages
Ripped and torn
Bruised and black
Full of things unread
Each page
You learn something new
You must read it
In order to get
The complete picture
And understanding
We must learn this
Of each other
Every person
Is their own
Even copies
Have different bent corners
We must cherish
The differences
Of this world
Some books fall on your lap
While others
You must look harder for
But each book
Is worth finding
Even if it’s stuck
In a dusty cabinet
So consider this
As a sign
To not just take
Everything handed to you
But look for yourself
And you will find
Many magnificent people

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