January 25, 2011
By mackenziemacksey BRONZE, Boyne City, Michigan
mackenziemacksey BRONZE, Boyne City, Michigan
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Trying to find their ecstasy
Whether they buy it in a pill or they’re living their lives for free

I’d rather dance to the beat of the wind
Than get elevated on your gold
Pour sunshine onto my face
While you wash onto the empty shore of your long, lonely island

I’d rather fall in love and fall apart
Than fall over and smash into a thousand scattered pieces
So take your stained glass gaze away from me
Your venomous banter breathes
The words of a counterfeit creation
Take yourself and your trash elsewhere
Your two-of-a-kindness is too much to bear

I’d rather paint my imagination
Than induce it with your powdered treasure
I’d rather feel it, all of it
Than plaster myself with your toxic shield
My body isn’t a glass, it isn’t a pipe
You can’t fill it or pack it down
If nothing else at least I’m myself

You can only go so high before you fall
But you do what you do
While I’ll continue to do what I do best
I’ll do

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