Essence of a Quagmire

January 25, 2011
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Hot blistering summer rays
Force me to leap into
The cold deep water.
I feel the smooth comforting
Sensation of the water on my skin.
The air making my human bark
crisp and cool as it
Passes by.

The bird’s song resonating in my ears
Accompanies the splashing
of the paddle boats thrust
across the vast basin of the liquid in question.

My arms and legs begin to ache.
Difficulty of displacing the water with my body
Greatly increases.

The mystery of these unknown waters
Start to get to me.
I hear the essences of a quagmire
I wonder what approaches.
Thoughts race through my mind
Like a bullet soaring through the barrel of a gun.
My lungs and body throb.
I reach shore,
Schlep myself out of the water
Collapse on the grass and
With my last bit of energy
I fill my lungs full of woe
And let it out with

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