13 Ways of Looking at Grass

January 9, 2011
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Rainbows caught in the greenery
Wink at you
Earthbound stars in a green sky.

Hear the shirp-shirp-shirp
As your feet scuff soft grass
Cool dewdrops leap and kiss your ankles.

Soft jade tendrils
Bend beneath your back
A fresh, sharp, tangy aroma.

Beneath the earth’s skin
Roots, thin life-giving hairs
Intertwine: a field of grass, a single entity.

The field, the community of grass
Lives as one, breathes as one
United against the world.

Sun strikes the grass:
An ode to the earth,
Living green fire.

Boughs crash in wind;
Swaying over grass: moving shadow-patterns
A dusky, billowing emerald cloud.

As the lawnmower roars:
Its rumbling, monotonic howls split warm summer air,
The grass quakes in fear.

Long grass
Silvery ripples sing like harps
Bending gracefully to wind.

Highway cars hurtle past
Buffeting with a rush of air
The quivering green stalks: tall and free.

The precious green fingers
Of children, as yet unborn
Stretch hopelessly toward the sky.

The grass hears the harmony,
The secret whispers of the earth.

Often passed over
Yet with its own mystical beauty
Such is the grass.

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