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day after day

January 9, 2011
By courtneycolaizy BRONZE, Cottage Grove, Minnesota
courtneycolaizy BRONZE, Cottage Grove, Minnesota
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Favorite Quote:
"can miles truly separate us? if I'm in your heart aren't i already there?"

the person that stares back at me
day after day
isn't me
or at least not who i want to be

all my life
iv'e been lead on and abandoned
lied to so many times
and never acted like i minded

they walk all over me
use me like a rug
they talk and they laugh
but its real for them

when i smile
or when i laugh
its all fake
its just an act

i put it on
every morning
before i leave the house
life is getting kind of boring

the same old thing
day after day
im sick of lying
and everything i say

to convince them im fine
even though im not
and from time to time
i wish someone would see through my lies

and see the pain
the real hurt
the real feelings
the real me

but tomorrow will be just the same
month after month
day after day
it always stays this way

The author's comments:
welll this is how alot of teens feel. that life never gets you anywhere. they feel lost and they want it to change. but it never does. thats what this poem is about

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