I feel It's Clear

January 27, 2011
By , Mechanic Falls, ME
You changed my life.
You made it Hell.
Forget about me,
You might as well.

You left me
For your stupid pot.
You think you’re perfect,
But you’re not.

Thank God you’re in Georgia
And I’m in Maine.
To see your face
would cause me pain.

The day you left
I never knew,
What it is
that you do.

You get high
And forget what’s real.
Do you know
What I feel?

I feel it’s clear
That you don’t care
And can’t help but ask,
“Why weren’t you there?”

But the thought
That’s always bursting through,
Is that my life
Is better minus you.

It sucks for you
That you didn’t bother,
Because now you can’t be classified
As a true father.

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