Brown and Yellow

January 23, 2011
By SyddieG GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
SyddieG GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
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"Just keep asking why. You'll have your answer when they can't answer any more."

My brown is beautiful.
I am not black.
In art class, I do not draw my face with the color of coal
Nor does my friends' appear blank
They aren't the shade of snow
Dorothy and Sheila are the color of peach,
With cool blue and violet undertones (respectively)

When I draw myself
In that art class
I search forever
For that little crayon
That is the color of me

I am the color of caramel before you tear it
I resemble the milk chocolate of a candy bar
Before you eat it
I am not black, representative of evil

I am yellow.

I am laughter
And happiness
And hope.

I am yellow.
I am new life
I dance and sway in the wind
When I take on the guise of flowers
I wake up the world,
Bringing warmth to those everywhere

Dare not call me black.
For I am brown and yellow.

You "black" girls,
You know who you are
What is your color?
How is your black beautiful?

How can you stand to be represented as black
How can you take that on as your new culture?

I am yellow,
Strong and determined
I let no one tell me
So you think I am a black girl?

For if I am a colored girl
Then my color is yellow

My name is Sydney and I am brown and yellow
The only thing black about me is my hair
And the pupils in my brown eyes
Who are <b>you</b>,
insignificant figure,
To tell me different about <b>myself</b>?
Do you suddenly know better than me?

For I am yellow

For I am brown
The color of caramel
And I

The author's comments:
I wrote this in response to the AMAZING Tyler Perry Movie "For Colored Girls". I was a bit in the poetic mood and I think it was also my partial frustration with people in general.

I am African-American, more American than African. However, the way I was raised and the way I conduct myself lead some to announce that I am not truly black and that I "act white" and "talk white", something that has bothered me since I was young. This was kind of my backlash.

In the movie, there is the repeated theme of a "colored" girl being a bad thing. This often leads back to the thought that being colored, being black, being a Negro, being African-American, is a bad thing. That's where my problem with being labeled "black" comes in. Black is associated with the devil and, if I was a religious one (which I am not due to my agnostic outlook), I would be so deeply offended that I might actually speak more about it. I find it hypocritical that church-going folk can consider themselves black without the slightest moral issue.

Maybe I'm being over sensitive. Maybe I just have color issues. Maybe it's no big deal.

However, even though I do refer to myself as black, I am not. As stated above:

I am Brown and Yellow.

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