January 23, 2011
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What do you do
When your world has come <b>crashing</b>
Down upon your head?

Like being caught in a <i>thunder</i>storm
Without an umbrella
Or a sign of shelter.

Drowning in the raindrops
Made salty by <i>other</i> people's tears
And fears and worries.

And you're stuck in the <i>dangerous</i> whirlwind
Of their wide-spreading
And inescapable influences.

What would you do
If everything you felt
<b>Everything</b> you thought and felt and did
Left you with a sick feeling
In your stomach
That just <i>wouldn't go away</i>?

It's <u>your</u> fault.
Even if it's not <u>your</u> problem.

What do you do
When your heart is <b>caught</b>
In your throat

<i>Choking</i> you with sorrow
To the point where
You can't take in a single breath
Or defend yourself
Against <u>yourself</u>?

When it feels like
A boa constrictor
Is crushing your chest
And you <b>know</b> that your
Already breaking, fragile heart
Will <u>not</u> survive.

What should I do
Since I'm <b><i>powerless</b>
Against the powers that be?

And I'm imprisoned
In the jail cell
Whose bars
Are <b><u>my own</b> regrets.

When the one who is <u>the one</u>
Has melted into
<i>Something</i> resembling

What do I do
When I'm lost and alone
An alien on <i>my</i> version
Of planet Earth?

Feeling helpless.

What <u>can</u> I do
Now that I have become Atlas
And the fate of my world
Rests in my petite hands?

(How can my world
Rest in my petite hands?)

What do I do
Now that I am stopped
At life's crossroad
And <u>both</u> paths
Are blocked?

And it's
it's like
I'll <u>never</u> be enough.

Even when
I'm everything
I can possibly be.

I will <b>Never</b>. <b>Be</b>. <b>Enough</b>.

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