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January 23, 2011
By YoursTrulyTessa SILVER, Jacksonville, Florida
YoursTrulyTessa SILVER, Jacksonville, Florida
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Take it easy baby
We were never meant to go fast
Engines roaring, wind blasting
We weren't meant to experience the tear
Of freedom
Just walls
Four of them to be exact
My fingers are itching to sink in
To rip into everyone
And have the energy bursting out of the tips
Like magic, like magic
The tingling in my bones setting out
With a satchel on a stick over it's shoulder
To change something
Make it different
But maybe not better
Limbs are shaking
and she's happy at midnight
It could all change in one second
One second of stress
Your eyebrows coming together
In that line that means I know what you're thinking about
Yeah, I know it's not fair
It's also not fair that you don't know
Let's start a new paragraph
Let the words unravel the tendons in my arms
So they come loose and hang like ribbons
Pretty and circular
Like the irises in your eyes
And the lilt in your voice
In the darkness
No light can get here if you shut your eyes
Not even the pink glow from behind your eyelids
Just black black black
I'm going to keep them closed
Because my hand cannot reach yours
No matter how hard I try

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