Teenage Mind

January 23, 2011
By Anonymous

I'm different from as you are to me.
You push me and i fall.
You use me and deny me?
Say you love me, but yet we're to young to understand.
You want to touch me hug me? Why do you? I feel beautiful when I'm with you...
These tears I cry, it's because i suffer life, life in high-school .
Dog-eat-dog world. No ones safe..
I think to myself...Am I in my state of mind or have insanely gone crazy? I drink, I party, Smoke and get high.
My parents scream , and I yell.
We fight, we cry, but then we hug each other. The love inside for one another is unbearable. Dads a drunk, moms a whore, my life just seem to be going out the door.
Make-up and sex are my only releases.
I tend to cry myself to bed at times, unaware of wrongful thinking.
The one thing I must say, I'm not crazy, Nor Am I sick. I'm just different like this.
My mind, my teenage mind makes me do wrong.

The author's comments:
Teens seem to be caught up in sex and drugs, not educated enough to understand somethings. I myself, a teenager has been through alot and have done alot. Teens like I can relate to this poem or whatever you want to describe it.
It's technically about a girl and her life.

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