Day to Day

January 22, 2011
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Today is not a new day.
For me,
it is just a continuation....

Close your eyes and just imagine how it feels,
when you constantly stay up late using excuses to escape,
the insanity of sanity scraping the pavement of your mind,
and it's either too early or too late,
but you always wake up at the wrong time.
My cell phone chimes,
I hear the rings,
but they play horribly,
my dreams, hmpf, yea,
they scare the mess out of me.
They leave me,
afraid to sleep and steadily stuck in deep.. thought.
So sick of having "BS" bled,
the words she said,
tagged and spray-painted the inside of my head.
I swear, I'm crying out,
find that bullet in the dark,
give it a flashlight so it can find a way to my heart.
Put me,
out of my misery,
the thought of regression sickens me.
Open up your ears and let my words strangle your brain lyrically!
Welcome to the mind of a mad-man,
who screams in the dark,
praying for sparks,
lost in life and doesn't know what he wants.
Only pushing day to day without a hand on my shoulder,
I wipe the,
blood from my eyes and pull the sword from the boulder.
I put these,
words so behold em, because there isn't much left,
by the time you finish reading this I could be on my last breath,
the verge of death.
Be careful,
I'm a little much to deal with,
many never see this side,
so they can't really feel this.
My words they,
cut like a knife,
because I bruise like peach.
So I'm,
sharp in the tongue and quick to hurt you when I speak.
Who gives a, fuck about feelings when you're picking on the weak?
I'm just,
laying it down like they used to do to me.

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