scars on your knees

January 22, 2011
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When I look at you.

I see you standing tall

With scars on your knees


That you are known to fall

But you got back up

With tears on your face

Wearing gods' armor, you're still afraid.

But you're standing.

You can try and hide it, but I know that you are hurting.

You're sad. And you only express it when no one is watching.

You may say that you're not strong.

But when I'm weak.

I look at you.

You could be tired, but weak, you're wrong.

It takes a strong person to show their sadness.

And it takes a strong heart to pull another to their feet.

So when I look at you.

You don't look the best.

I don't feel bad for you.

Even though you need some rest

'Cause I know you will make it.

And when I feel like I want to give up

I grab your hand

And I stand.

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