Its not her

January 22, 2011
She loves him
With every breathe she takes
And he grows cockier
With every heart he breaks
She's comfortable
And he waits out the time
Until Cinderella's clock
Says its finally time
She wishes he were different
And he wishes she was gone
And everybody's saying
The breakup won't take long
She's into him
Like a breath inside a song
And she tries so hard to defend him
Even when he's wrong
He's crying now
Begging her not to go
And she's reminding him
Of the feelings he'll never show
She takes a breath
And lets it out into an empty sigh
She's so sick of crying
When he never even tries
So she'll pack a bag for Memphis
And leave her heavy heart
When he wakes up in the morning
Everything will be dark
She'll look at all their pictures
And point to him and laugh
All while sipping coffee
With her even better
Better half

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