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Silence (Sheltered Hands)

January 22, 2011
By Jayne53 SILVER, Cordova, Tennessee
Jayne53 SILVER, Cordova, Tennessee
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It is not silence that i fear
Nor the absence of people near
But the absence of peoples voices
Is an epitome of nightmare

For silence is not quite complete
But just the missing air of words
So why dont you take a seat
And list my friendly choices

May i speak my truth of past
Or will speaking only bring vain hope
Oh why do i seek the presence
Of open arms with the will to listen

When knowledge of forgetful souls
Surrounds my taunting thought

So come now, hear my story straight
For reconciliation i do not seek

Sheltered hands of hope are none but pale
Read my eyes with lips of lost words
Falling to the ground in search of home

Your judgement of approval is not needed
But only a ear of wisdom is my sum
An air to take my words of sleepless nights
And carry them away with broken backs

Yes silence is not a fear i bear
But the absence of a concious one to hear
Chills me to the bone

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