January 22, 2011
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Arms outstretched
Vines and roots
Encircle me
Keeping me grounded
Not going anywhere

My arms are open
Outstretched to anyone
Who will come near

I resemble
An old tree
An old tree in the middle of winter
That has lost all its leaves
Cold and shivering
In the icy wind

Its limbs are 20 feet overhead
Letting no one climb it’s
Surprisingly strong, sturdy roots

It has been around awhile
Learning the ropes
Slowly, little by little
With almost no help

I have learned if you don’t stretch too far
There’s no risk of falling
And getting hurt
But if you don’t stretch enough
There’s no chance of growing

My choice has been a mixture of the two

By not speaking
I keep away the ones that could hurt the most
And by trusting the ones who venture close
Let your colors shine

But as I grow
Older and older
Strengthening overtime
But getting weaker as well
Letting in
Sometimes only to be lies

So I start to stretch
Taking the chances
But there’s not much to keep me
From staying put
I stretch
And I reach

But where else is there to go?

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