The Chase

January 24, 2011
I remember the day we met

Beautiful face, amazing strength

A laugh and face I'll never forget

You were the first girl I ever loved

The one girl I always hugged

The girl that I always bugged

Just because I loved you

And you loved me

We held hands and watched time fly

Closer and closer we grew

As the days went by

We knew time was limited

But sadness you prohibited

Your love. My love


Then the final day came

I yelled out in shame

Frustrated with what we became

I let you slip away

I regret it, still to this day

I wont give up the dream

I strongly believe

That we'll be reunited

The pain is divided

Sorrow has subsided

As love is invited

You might not remember me..

It's been so long

Do you remember where you belong?

In my arms.

Face to face

The goal I hold

As I continue the Chase

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