January 24, 2011
Defiantly you oppose me

With intent to break me down

You want to see me drown

Yet there's still a deeper side of me

The side that rests in infamy

I feel it screaming to emerge

As i cling to the stars in the sky

Indefinitely, I start to submerge

As they all ignore my cry

I fall a little deeper.

My climb becomes darker,

Forever steeper.

I'll always remember the day

That you came and stood in my way

Offering deeper meaning,


A reason to end my woeful pleading

You call the world to a dead-lock.

You match destiny to tragedy

Suffering to infinity

Adventure to infamy,

Calamity to prosperity,

You keep me in your heart,

A warming memory.

You pull me up to escape the lies

A second chance to rejoin the lives

You remove the bitter loneliness

The pain sharper than a thousand knives

Whenever sorrow and desperation call,

I know not to fall

When I don't know where I belong,

You're always there to keep me strong

No matter what damage others do

The only place that matters...

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