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leave me alone

January 24, 2011
By jacobwilburg BRONZE, West Jordan, Utah
jacobwilburg BRONZE, West Jordan, Utah
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"call me what you will i'm still taking your cake" L, aka rokai

Where’s your heart?
I know there’s nothing I can do
to change that part
it has been stuck in you

you try to keep me here but ive grown
we all know that you are afraid
to walk this world alone.
Sadly, the decision has been made.

Always the best thing for you
is the worst thing for me
I have needs too
why can’t I make you see

I want you out…
when am I going to learn?
I just want to shout
why can’t it be your turn

I can’t stop feeling this way
but I’m tired of hating
I won’t stop for one more day
and I don’t want to see you waiting

another line without a book
every memory of you I have is gone
i’ve hid it away in the smallest nook
now it’s done the border has been drawn

So I just want to say
I am not okay.

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first submission ever

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